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BH Bikes Atom X: spanish Brand BH presents their brandnew Atom X -E-Bike. Brose Drive-S-motor, 740Wh Battery inside the downtube, aggressive apperance, lots of power. Here are all the details:

BH Bikes Atom-X 2
# BH Bikes Atom-X 2

Atom X – In Brief

  1. Patented, innovative battery integration: The battery is pushed into the lower tube from the top tube, and is protected against dirt or damage. The battery is removed with an aluminum lever, which automatically unfolds when the battery is opened and the entire system closes watertight upwards.
  2. Despite the small size, the capacity of the lithium-ion battery increases to 720Wh.
  3. Quick charger with 4A is included.
  4. A battery-operated Smart Key wristband (a classic, small lock with a key is also built in) is a “key” for convenient, fast removal of the battery.
  5. The front-mounted transflective head-up display is easy to read in all situations and offers different apps. Also the engine support can be adjusted to the respective driver. The selected mode is clearly indicated by color code.
  6. Control unit with LED indicators and configurable vibration mode.
  7. Geometry, design and a particularly stable frame construction are designed for intensive use as mountain bikes. During the production of the frame care was taken to make the front particularly stiff. Thus, the top tube surrounds the head tube completely.
  8. There will be 7 models in the Atom-X series: 3 hardtails and 4 fullsuspension models.
  9. Prices range from 3.199 € to 5.499 € for the shown top model.
  10. The wheels are either 29 “or 27.5 Plus tires. 6 of the 7 models are tubeless-ready.
  11. the fullsuspension models feature the patented Split-Pivot rear suspension system for optimum efficiency and maximum traction.
  12. The seat-tube is designed asymmetrically
  13. An integrated SAG indicator makes the suspension setup easier.
  14. The engine heat is dissipated into the frame via a special plate (Heat Dissipation Plate) in order to increase performance.
  15. The fullsuspension models feature a sturdy skid plate (3 mm thick), which can be replaced if damaged.

The lines of the Atom X frame

BH Bikes Atom-X 6
# BH Bikes Atom-X 6
BH Bikes Atom-X 4
# BH Bikes Atom-X 4
BH Bikes Atom-X 9
# BH Bikes Atom-X 9
BH Bikes Atom-X 8
# BH Bikes Atom-X 8

One of the main things that give the new Atom X its character are the lines of its frame. The R&D team faced a major challenge: to find the space to install an easy-to-remove, high-capacity battery without reducing the structural rigidity of the unit. This was made possible thanks to the design, manufacture and configuration of aluminium tubes and the welded joint between them. This design allows us to use extremely thin walls in the diagonal tube that houses the battery, thus obtaining a lightweight frame for an electric bike.

In double suspension models, we have opted for an asymmetrically-shaped seat tube that allows us to use the Split Pivot suspension system and makes the shock absorber easy to access.

This design has also allowed us to create three different frame sizes (S, M and L) to meet each user’s needs.

BH Atom-X – a real E-MTB-Allround-Bike?

In the new Atom X, every detail has been tailored to offer an exceptional riding experience and allow you to enjoy miles more of fun. 

The double suspension models use the renowned Split Pivot system, which combines absorption and control during descents with a strong climbing capacity. A highly effective suspension system not only provides outstanding properties for descents, it also helps to optimise every single watt of power, thus ensuring a greater range.

The geometry of the Atom X is modelled on BH Bikes’ Trail and Enduro bicycles, with a long reach and an advanced steering angle. Thanks to the special position of the motor, we have managed to shorten the stays to 460 mm, providing agile and dynamic performance in technical areas. This is also made possible by the Boost 148×12 rear axle and the low centre of gravity.

The frame features a 32-38T chain guide and a SAG indicator, to enable proper adjustment of the shock absorber at a glance.

Long-lasting built-in battery with 720 Wh

Another of the big challenges when designing the Atom X was to obtain one of the highest capacity batteries on the market, which was possible thanks to BH Bikes’ experience in this area. Aware of the importance of the arrangement of the cells, we worked extensively on the design and opted for “21700” cells, with the highest energy density on the market (5 Ah per cell) to achieve a capacity of 720 Wh, resulting in a range of up to 150 km. BH Bikes has achieved a more stylised battery, with the greatest range of all e-bikes.

The battery on the new Atom X model features an innovative system in which the battery is accessed from the upper tube using an easy opening/closing lever, the Easy Open/Lock. So the battery is integrated inside the frame, meaning that it is better protected and easy to remove. It can also be charged via an external port.

“Head Up” colour LCD display

BH Bikes Atom-X 1
# BH Bikes Atom-X 1

The new Atom X has a new colour LCD display with a 2.2″ transflective screen, a capacity of 256 MB of RAM and a Cortex A7 processor on which the Linux operating system runs. An on-board computer full of possibilities.

As well as all of the most common features of displays available on the market, it has connectivity with the BH Premium app and is compatible with the standard GPS systems on the market.

The display is part of the stem cover and its location is designed to ensure that the user can see all of the necessary information on the screen at a glance, without needing to take their eyes off the road. This has been chosen based on the steering angle and riding position adopted. The controller, ergonomically placed on the handlebar, has LED indicators and a configurable vibration mode.

Brose Drive-S

More torque and more power, the Drive S motor
The new Brose Drive S motor provides 15% more torque than its predecessor and delivers its maximum power at high cadences (between 60 and 90 rpm), providing the pedalling sensation of a conventional bike. Smoothness and silent operation continue to be two hallmarks of the motor.
Protection against impacts and heat dissipation have also been improved to optimise the performance and service life of the motor. For this purpose, a metal shield has been designed which surrounds the motor and channels air through it.
It has 4 different assistance modes that can be operated using the controller on the handlebar. Furthermore, the user can easily configure the percentage of assistance in each mode according to their preferences, using the BH Premium app.
The design of the Drive S motor allows a conventional groupset to be used – double plate or internal gear hub – and offers no resistance in «no assistance» mode.

Smart Key Wristband

BH Bikes Atom-X 7
# BH Bikes Atom-X 7

In addition to the traditional key, each Atom X has a smart key wristband, which allows the user to open the Easy Lock/Open system by simply placing their wrist next to it.

What do you think about this futuristic E-Bike? 

More: www.bhbikes.com

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