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On test: Rotwild R.C+ Ultra Timid trail cruiser or an E-bike with stupendous suspension – We find out.

We’ve spent some time aboard the Rotwild R.C+ Ultra. Let us present a thoroughbred E-Trailbike infused with race DNA. One of the largest batteries we’ve seen means it should have excellent range, but how will the Rotwild R.C+ Ultra perform in terms of its spec, geometry, handling and suspension when we take it out riding? We gave it a thorough thrashing to find out.

Chameleon Skin Frame Protection High Tech – High-quality, almost invisible, self-healing frame wrapping

The cost of all E-Bikes that we test and most E-Bikes that are owned by people who read emtbNEWS is, lets be honest, pretty high. Most of our preferred rides come in at the 4500-6000 € mark. One of the key features we look at is the overall finish of an E-Bike. So when after a hard ride we get back home and discover stone chips, dirt scratches and even shuttle rub, we are almost always disappointed. Chameleon Skin is a start up solution that we have followed for the last year that goes along way to removing this problem. Essentially it is a complete self healing frame wrap for your E-Bike.

Flyer Uproc7 8.70 Trail Rocket with the new Panasonic X0 Motor

Uproc7 8.70 Tested: A while back in summer 2017, we tested a high tech version of Flyer's Uproc 7 at their official launch at Flyer headquarters in Switzerland. However, we weren't able to try the E-Bike that really interested us which was the Uproc7 8.70 with the single speed Panasonic motor. It is the E-Bike which is Flyer's direct mass market competitor to the growing All Mountain market. We spent some time on the new motor and gave our detailed thoughts on how it can be compared to the rest of the market.

Tested: Orbea Wild FS 20 29S LR Comfortable all-rounder

Orbea Wild FS 20 29S LR Tested: Orbea are known for producing well performing trail and Enduro bikes across many parts of the press, with their long travel Enduro bikes being some of the most respected bikes in tests. So when they turned their design team to e-bikes, we were interested to find out how they would perform. Available in 27.5 and 29" versions we tested one of the high end models with the 29" wheel size. Find out how well Orbea's experienced in producing well respected trail bikes passed over into the e-bike product line up below.

Urban Special The right pedals for your commuter E-Bike

What do you require from your pedals when riding in the city? They need to feel secure whatever shoe you happen to be wearing. Doesn’t matter if it’s sandals, Doc Martens, trainers or heels – commuting requires a pedal that can deal with them all. We’ve put together a selection that we think have the best features.
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