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Video: Autumn is here, autumn is here. While some people are looking for chestnuts to craft funny animals with the help of shashlik skewers, others fall for the dull cap knitwear, there are people like Gusti Wildhaber, who gets his e-bike, puts on his rain jacket and has a lot of fun in the wet grass and in the rain. Guys, put the chestnuts aside, lean back and enjoy this video.

Gusti Wildhaber is known as the bull of the Cube Action Team. He has been indulging in the passion for e-Mountainbikes for a long time and has already given us several fun hours on the trail. In this video he shows top-class riding performance and makes a clear statement:”Riding an e-bike in the rain is simply awesome!”

Wait, where’s my rain jacket?

What are you gonna do when it’s pouring properly outside? Riding an e-bike or doing handicrafts?

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Text: Rico Haase |
Video: Martin Pixner

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