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Shimano introduces two new product specifications for the e-bike and enduro/trail market; new 165mm E-MTB Hollowtech crank arms (FC-M8050) and 4-piston hydraulic disc brake calipers (BR-M8020).

165mm E-MTB Hollowtech crank arms (FC-M8050)

165mm E-MTB Hollowtech crank arms (FC-M8050)
# 165mm E-MTB Hollowtech crank arms (FC-M8050) - für mehr Bodenfreiheit und weniger Peladclipping

The current cranksets for SHIMANO STEPS come in Hollowtech and Solid 175mm and 170mm lengths but now Shimano introduces a pair of shorter 165mm Hollowtech crank arms to provide greater ground clearance, less chance of pedal strike, and an optimally sized crank for maintaining cadence. Of course, the smaller crank arms are also better sized for shorter riders too.

New hydraulic Brake Calipers BR-M8020

the new BR-M8020 Caliper
# the new BR-M8020 Caliper

The new hydraulic brake calipers are in line with DEORE XT components designed for a more aggressive riding style. The brakes feature Shimano’s ICE TECHNOLOGIES heat management system through its caliper design, compatible rotors and pads.

Much like Shimano’s regular 2-piston M8000 brakes, One-Way Bleeding and reach and free stroke adjustment are possible. The difference comes now with four ceramic pistons which offer an increase in stopping power over the regular BR-M8000 brake unit.


Source: Press-Release

This post is also available in: deDeutsch

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