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We’ve been testing five E-Freeride bikes for when you need something more. Because bigger terrain requires a bigger bike. We brought in five hard-hitting E-Freeriders, all with at least 180mm travel for an exclusive test. Let us guide you through the steeds that we brought in.

The E-Bikes on Test

Our E-Freeride Bike Group Test
# Our E-Freeride Bike Group Test - Specialized Kenevo FSR Expert, Haibike XDURO Nduro 10.0, Moustache Samedi 27 LT 7, Rotwild R.G+ Ultra 36 und Haibike XDURO Nduro 9.0 (LR)

We expect at least 180 mm travel!

Sometimes you just need more. At least that’s what we told ourselves when we chose the E-Bikes we wanted to get in for this test. We put particular emphasis on bikes with at least 180mm travel up front, with a corresponding amount in the rear. We stuck to single crown forks because we wanted to keep the agility of an E-Freeride bike rather than be limited by the single-minded purpose of an E-Downhiller.

Our selection contains the most anticipated members of the category. There’s a mix of coil-sprung shocks, adjustable travel and downhill-like suspension kinematics. We have Yamaha, Bosch and Brose motors. We have sleek integrated batteries or external batteries that help with usability but can look a bit more clunky. Simply put, you should find something here to suit your needs!

The pricing for these machines ranges between € 5299 and € 7999.

These are the models we were testing: 

 Motor-systemFederweg vorne/hintenGewichtPreis
Specialized Kenevo FSR ExpertTurbo 1.3 Motor (Brose Drive-S)180/180 mm23,6 kg6.299 €
Haibike XDURO Nduro 9.0Yamaha PW-X180/180 mm22,8 kg5.699 €
Rotwild R.G+ Ultra 36Brose Drive-S180/200 mm22,4 kg7.999 €
Haibike XDURO Nduro 10.0Bosch Performance CX180/180 mm24,6 kg6.499 €
Moustache Samedi 27 LT 7Bosch Performance CX180/175 o. 195 mm23,7 kg5.299 €

Specialized Kenevo FSR Expert

Specialized Kenevo FSR Expert
# Specialized Kenevo FSR Expert - Motor: Turbo 1.3 Motor (Brose Drive-S) | Weight: 23,6 kg | Price: € 6.299

Coil sprung shock and agile handling — the Kenevo rocks!

Specialized introduced the Kenevo in September 2017 and scored a home run. The inspiration from the much-loved Specialized Levo isn’t to be missed, even if the character and purpose of these two bikes is different. The Specialized Kenevo is designed to take decidedly bigger things in its stride. The RockShox Lyrik RCT3 in combination with the Öhlins TTX 22M shock is meant for big hits, but even a cursory ‘squish it in the car park’ test shows how amazingly sensitive the coil shock is. We’re a big fan of the paint job that lends this bike a modern and lively feel. The quality of the finish and finishing is impeccable.

The Kenevo is equipped with a Turbo 1.3 motor — a Brose item with a Specialized-specific tune — along will a fully integrated 504Wh battery which will let you get out for longer rides too.

You can find our detailed review for the Specialized Kenevo FSR Expert here.

Haibike XDURO Nduro 9.0

Haibike XDURO Nduro 9.0
# Haibike XDURO Nduro 9.0 - Motor: Yamaha PW-X | Weight: 22,8 kg | Price: € 5.699

The power of the Yamaha PW-X is terrific.

The Haibike XDURO Nduro 9.0 is powered by the grunty Yamaha PW-X motor. This compact unit has a maximum torque of 80NM and is fitted with a 500Wh battery. Choose this bike and you’ll immediately notice the comfortable position. The combination of reach (448mm for a Size L), 780mm bar and the supple RockShox suspension creates a luxurious ride that will leave you feeling right at home.

The sturdy DT Swiss FR1950 wheels are shod in grippy 27.5 x 2.6” Magic Mary tyres and should maintain traction and stay puncture free. Braking is taken care of by powerful Magura MT5 brakes with 203mm rotors.

You can find our detailed review for the Haibike XDURO Nduro 9.0 here.

Rotwild R.G+ Ultra 36

Rotwild R.G+ Ultra 36
# Rotwild R.G+ Ultra 36 - Motor: Brose Drive-S (Rotwild tuned) | Weight: 22,4 kg | Price: € 7.999

Fixed battery — hot or not?

We rode the Rotwild R.G+ Ultra 36 for the first time last year in May 2017. At the time the eMTB seemed like a beast. It didn’t like narrow trails as much as it liked blasting though high-speed rock gardens, puffing out its chest on the trail, shouting “No one can beat me.”

The huge amounts of travel on offer — 180 mm up front and 200mm out back — indicates what this bike is built for. The Rotwild R.G+ Utra 36 is a E-Freeride bike that just wants to go downhill. It wants steep, it wants rough, it wants challenging.

We spent time on many different trail to find out what we think of the fixed, integrated battery in the downtube and how this eMTB handles demanding riding. You can get all the information in our full review.

You can find our detailed review for the Rotwild R.G+ Ultra 36 here.

Haibike XDURO Nduro 10.0

Haibike XDURO Nduro 10.0
# Haibike XDURO Nduro 10.0 - Motor: Bosch Performance CX | Weight: 24,6 kg | Price: € 6.499

A fully integrated Haibike with lovely details

The first XDURO Nduro was released in 2013 and was met with much surprise at Eurobike. This E-Bike introduced a new category, namely exactly this one — E-Freeride. Even if it has the Enduro moniker in its name, with 180mm travel we would place it firmly in the freeride category.

The XDURO Nduro 10.0 Haibike has a fully integrated battery. The Bosch PowerPack 500 disappears into the massive down tube and lends this eMTB a clean look. Power is provided by the proven Bosch Performance CX motor. The Gravit-Casing — the key component of the frame that combines motor mount, shock mount and pivot mount points into one structure — has inevitably influenced the dimensions, design and ride of this bike. You’ll have to read our full review to find out how.

You can find our detailed review for the Haibike XDURO Nduro 10.0 here.

Moustache Samedi 27 LT 7

Moustache Samedi 27 LT 7
# Moustache Samedi 27 LT 7 - Motor: Bosch Performance CX | Weight: 23,7 kg | Price: € 5.299

“It’s basically a mini E-Downhiller”

“This thing wants to ride, I mean, it’s basically a mini E-Downhiller”. That is likely due to the compact position, the suspension design and the travel — this E-Bike comes with a huge 195mm of travel at the rear and some very capable suspension components. The RockShox Lyrik RC fork and RockShox Vivid shock take absolutely everything in their stride.

Visually this E-Bike has a very distinctive design that is unique to Moustache. The French brand goes its own way and there’s ‘nary a round tube profile to be found, giving the Moustache Samedi 27 LT 7 its own, unmistakeable ‘edgy’ look.

Equipped with a Bosch Performance CX motor, Magura MT 5 brakes and precise Continental Baron tyres it should be a lot of fun out on the trail. You’ll find the details in our full review.

You can find our detailed review for the Moustache Samedi 27 LT here.

Opinion @eMTB-News.de

E-Freeride bikes are made for the rough stuff. Normal trails are ridable, but the potential of these machines isn’t really fulfilled until you take them out on bigger things. These E-Bikes want to go out and experience a challenge.

Our test is intended to give you an overview over a range of E-Freeride bikes and awake your interest in the category. Riding these eMTBs is fantastic, and you’ll always be left wanting more, but you’ll have to bear in mind that they are not hugely versatile for anything other than all-out mountain biking.

About the test

Please expand for details

On our test runs we usually stay in the highest assistance mode and drain the battery completely at least once. We then publish the results on our Strava account.

Our loop has everything we need to test what our E-bikes are capable of:

  • Tight uphill trails with roots, rocks and loam
  • Flat trails with small climbing sections
  • Fast and flowing downhills
  • Long gravel trails up- and downhill

E-bikes are subjected to our route multiple times to allow us to draw our conclusions.

We tested our E-Freeriders here:

  • On the trails around Bamberg and Bad Kreuznach, Germany. The riding provides narrow and tight trails with technical rooty, rocky sections, steep and technical uphills as well as flowing downhills.

This post is also available in: deDeutsch

Tester-Profil: Rico Haase
62 cm90 kg86 cm61 cm183 cm
E-Enduro, E-Trailbike, Hardtail, Downhiller, Rennrad – mir macht jedes Bike Spaß. Egal ob mit oder ohne Motor, außer ich muss damit unendlich bergauf fahren – da mag ich Motorunterstützung schon sehr. Flowige Trails, gern auch gebaut, liebe ich. Ach ja, eins noch, ich hasse Spitzkehren.
I ride everything: E-Enduro, E-Trailbikes, hardtails, downhill, road – I enjoy it all, whether it’s E-assisted or not. I’ll admit that I do quite like having a motor on the uphills though. There’s lots to love about flowing trails; natural or built. The only thing I hate – switchbacks.
Fahrstil / Riding style
Verspielt und flowig / Flowing and playful
Ich fahre hauptsächlich / I mainly ride
E-Enduro, E-Trailbike, aber auch XCO, DH und Road / E-Enduro, E-Trailbike but also XCO, DH and road
Vorlieben beim Fahrwerk / Preferred suspension setup
Straff und schnell – ich möchte wissen, was unter mir passiert / Firm and reactive – I like feedback from the trail
Vorlieben bei der Geometrie / Preferred geometry
Langer Reach, kurzer Vorbau, breiter Lenker / Long reach, short stem, wide bars

This post is also available in: deDeutsch

This post is also available in: deDeutsch

Tester-Profil: Oliver Sonntag
62 cm82 kg85 cm73 cm182 cm
Am liebsten fahre ich Enduro, Downhill, Dirtjump, E-Enduro und Crosser – ich habe auf jedem Rad meine Gaudi. Primär geht´s mir um das schnelle Bergab fahren – ob im Bikepark oder auf selbst erklommenen Trails. Das E-Biken ist Neuland für mich aber macht mir ebenso mega Spaß. Unerreichten Spaßfaktor gibt´s für mich nur bei Rennen. Dabei findet man mich bei den meisten Enduro- und Downhill Massenstart Rennen. An jeder noch so kleinen Kante abziehen und das Rad in schräge Positionen zu manövrieren taugt mir ebenso ganz gut.
I like to ride Enduro, Downhill, Dirtjump, E-Enduro and Crosser – I have fun on every bike. My primary concern is to go fast on downhills – whether in the bike park or on self-climbed trails. E-biking is new for me, but it’s also super fun. Unmatched fun factor for me is only in races. You can find me at most enduro and downhill mass start races. Pulling off on every small edge and maneuvering the bike in oblique positions is just as good for me.
Fahrstil / Riding style
schnell und aggressiv, doch immer mit einem sicheren Abstand zum Chargen / fast and aggressive, but always with a safe distance to charging
Ich fahre hauptsächlich / I mainly ride
Enduro / Enduro
Vorlieben beim Fahrwerk / Preferred suspension setup
hart und progressiv, langsamer Reebound / hard and progressive, slower reebound
Vorlieben bei der Geometrie / Preferred geometry
lang und flach, aufrechte Fahr- und Sitzposition / long and flat, upright riding and sitting position

This post is also available in: deDeutsch

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Other E-Bikes in this E-Freerider group test:

This post is also available in: deDeutsch

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